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Changing How we Recycle

Itrex goes nonprofit!!!

We probably should have done this from the beginning. Because we service so many normally unserviced area’s, they aren’t serviced because there is no money to be made there, we tend to lose a lot of time and money for a very small gain and sometimes a loss. Faced with a choice of just not servicing these areas, like our competitors do, or finding another way to not only service these areas but also even smaller area’s such as those in eastern Oregon we have decided that we need to go nonprofit so that we have access to programs designed for nonprofit recyclers. We hope you join us in making this possible. We are doing a crowd funding event and hopefully enough others will feel as we do and help make it possible for us to do this transition.

We can sell your new equipment for you.

Big Changes at Itrex

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It’s Never Too Late For You To Save The World

Anything that you can do to help with our campaign is greatly appreciated. It allows us to keep up the work we have been doing and quite honestly is the only way that we can continue to serve areas that are not economically viable.

Because we will be going to a nonprofit status we will also be able to give tax credits.

Please visit our campaign at

It’s Never to late.

It will allow us to expand our services that already collect 1000 of tons of e-waste every year.