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What is Itrex all about?

To put it in it’s most basic terms we are a community based recycling and reuse company.  Of course that’s a pretty basic and accurate definition but it doesn’t tell the entire story.

 What Itrex really is is a group of dedicated people who are building a local business and eventually a national business by turning the typical methods of recycling upside down. Here are a few of the ways that we are different:

1.  We make customer service our first priority. If we say we will be there then we will be and on time!

2.  We let everyone recycle everything that we accept for free. 99% of the time we even pick it up for free!

3.  We hire from the local community. We hire Vets. We hire from “Living Opportunities”.

4.  We sell and disassemble  as much as we can locally!

5.  We go to communities and do free local drop off days making it easier for people to recycle!

6.  We run routes not only in the Medford area but also along the coast and to Bend.

Everyone knows that the less time, and money, that a company spends on non - core items that the better off it is. Itrex is designed to remove one of those items from your to do list.

In short we make your e-waste problems disappear.

From when we pick-up your items to when they reach an American refinery for their final destruction we have a clear and provable path that lets you be assured that not only have you complied with all State and Federal regulations but that you have done it in such a way as to help the local economy.

Different companies have different needs. Many of the companies that use our service simply give us a call when they have items to be recycled; others need a regular pickup and schedule either a monthly or weekly pickup.

Because we are a volume business we are able to provide our service for free to businesses.

We do sell some of the reusable items on the open market, reuse is better than recycle sometimes, as a way of funding the company.

Non-reusable items are broken down to their core components locally and sold to American companies for further refinement.

Certificates of destruction are available, and free, to our customers that recycles all their E-waste with us, for their hard drives. Depending on customer needs we can either mechanically destroy or do a  D.O.D. grade wipe.

Do you know about a place in the forest like this one? Call us at 541-826-8226 and tell us about it.